Nextcloud and BigBlueButton in action

Nextcloud and BigBlueButton in action


The scouts in Thuringia want to go digital. But what does that actually mean?

  • Six local groups all over Thuringia
  • 16 group lessons per week
  • 60 group leaders with access rights

Want to edit files together, maintain a calendar and do video conferencing. Per group lesson via videoconference with up to 20 children and youths. Of course, the whole thing should be completely data-protection compliant and should hardly cost any money.

Nextcloud with integrated BigBlueButton instance

Nextcloud is a wonderful open source project which started as a simple cloud and is now a true collaboration platform. It offers directly with the installation a very powerful file management, calendar, mails, contacts and rights management and much more.


The installation on the Nextcloud server is also very simple. I have booked a webhosting with webgo for this purpose. With the coupon code "pfadfinder" you can book web space and three domains per month at webgo from 5,95 €. With the voucher code you save 10 € and I get this credited too.

Nextcloud installation

For the Nextcloud installation I used the web installer from the official Nextcloud site. There is also explained in simple steps how to proceed with the installation. You really only need a database and web space. I use my own subdomain for the cloud.


Bigbluebutton is one of the few open source video conferencing solutions. This could also be installed on your own server, but the resource requirements are quite high. But there are also several providers that offer it at reasonable prices. For the scouts we have chosen bbbserver, which also hosts the platform in Germany.

Add BigBlueButton to Nextcloud

For the Nextcloud, there is a ready-made app for integrating Big Blue Button. After activating the app, you can enter the API key to the BigBlueButton server under the "Additional settings". Here you can also directly define who is allowed to access BigBlueButton within Nextcloud.

We have managed

Bigbluebutton is already available in Nextcloud and anyone with the right can create a new videoconference room or start an existing one.


Anyone who is a logged in user within Nextcloud and receives a public link to join a video conference in BigBlueButton should also have permission within the cloud to do so. Otherwise the person will not be able to attend the conference.

Nextcloud's calendar app does not like German umlauts. It can be used to create calendars with umlauts and share with user groups with umlauts, but it cannot be saved. So I just do without umlauts and special characters in the names of usergroups and calendars.

The whiteboards inside BigBlueButton are great to paint on together with all participants.

Many other useful apps can be added, such as. B. The two-factor authentication

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